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Pollution exists in many forms and affects many different aspects of Earth’s environment

Pollution exists in many forms and affects many different aspects of Earth’s environment. The main types of pollution are Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, solid waste, Hazardous waste and Noise pollution.

What Are the Causes of Air Pollution?

Air pollution is caused by the gases and smoke, which are produced by burning fuel, such as petrol and coal in vehicles and factories. The gases, which are emitted by he factories, are harmful for the living beings. These harmful gases cause difficultly in breathing and many other respiratory diseases, such as asthma and tuberculosis.

Air pollution
Air pollution

How is the Water Pollution Caused?

Water pollution is caused by the dirty water and sewage water, which are released into rivers, streams, or oceans. Germs grow in such infected water. Many harmful chemicals, insecticides and pesticides mix in these water sources.

All these result in the pollution of water.

Air pollution
Air pollution

How is Noise Pollution Caused?

Noise pollution is caused by the sounds of vehicles, such as cars, motors, trains, air crafts, rockets etc. Many industries also make loud noises.

The constant hearing or loud noise leads to deafness.

Noise pollution
Noise pollution

What Are the Impacts of Pollution?

Pollution affects the natural resources, such as forests, coral reefs, rivers, etc. All of these ecosystem function may be destroyed by pollution.

Another major affect of pollution is the tremendous cost of pollution clean up and prevention. Low income groups do not receive the same protection from pollution. Chemical plants and waste dumps are often located in low-income communities because of the lack of organized community involvement in municipal decision making processes.

Pollution affects the Earth
Pollution affects the Earth


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