Volcanoes are the part of the process of bringing material from the deep interior of a planet and spilling it forth on the surface. Eruptions also eject new molecules into the atmosphere.

What Are Volcanoes?

Volcanoes are conical hills with a tunnel shaped hollow from which the eruption of hot materials take place.

Name of the three types of volcanoes

Active volcanoes from which smoke, lava, etc. always come out

Dormant volcanoes, which suddenly become active after having remained inactive for a long time with a possibility of more eruptions in the future

Extinct volcanoes are which have not shown activity for thousands of years.

Active volcanoes
Active volcanoes

What is Lava?

Lava is the word for magma (molten rock), which lies on the surface of the Earth. After being released from the magma chamber and cooling on the surface of the earth, lava hardens into rock. The term lava can describe active flows, cooled rocks and pieces hurled into the air during eruptions. The most general cause of volcanic eruptions on Earth is subduction of Earth’s crust.

What Are Geysers?

Geysers are hot springs heated by volcanic rocks that erupt from time to time.

What is Earthquake?

Earthquake is a shaking of the ground by sudden breaking and shifting of large sections of Earth’s rocky outer shell.

Earthquake causes great damage and loss of life
Earthquake causes great damage and loss of life

How Does the Earthquake Hamper Life?

Earthquake can trigger landslides that cause great damage and loss of life. Large earthquake beneath the ocean can create a series of huge, destructive waves called Tsunamis that flood coasts for many kilometres

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