The way in which the Earth’s atmosphere behaves is known as weather. It may be hot or cold, windy or still, raining, snowing or hailing.

The overall temperature and patterns of weather in a particular place is known as climate. As the weather changes from day to day, therefore, it is very much difficult to predict.

What is the Importance of Weather in Everybody’s Life?

The weather plays a dominant role in everybody’s life. Crops depend on the right weather condition for their proper growth and development. Summer vacations and trips to the resort can be ruined if the weather behaves unexpectedly. It also plays a major role in causing natural disasters, such as floods, landslides, ice, storms, droughts and famines.

The weather plays a dominant role in everybody’s life
The weather plays a dominant role in everybody’s life

How is the Hot Weather Caused?

Hot weather is caused by the sun’s heating up the land and the atmosphere. If the sun is hidden by clouds or if a cold wind is blowing, the atmosphere becomes cooler.

What is Weather Made Up of?

Weather is made up of three main ingredients, which are temperature, the movement of the wind and the amount of water in the air.

How Does the Sun’s Heat Help in Forming Clouds?

The Sun’s heat makes water from the soil, rivers, seas evaporate into the air. This evaporated water forms clouds and they may fall as rain, snow or hail on the earth.

The evaporated water forms clouds
The evaporated water forms clouds

How Do the Scientists Predict the Weather?

Today, the scientists predict the weather by using satellites, computers, etc. There was a time when people predicted the weather by observing signs, such as how the clouds worked and the way in which animals behaved.

Name the Wettest and Driest Places of the World

The wettest place of the world is Tutunendo, Columbia. It gets 12m of rain in a year. The driest place in the world is Calama, Clile. The most amazing fact about Calama is that until 1971, there had been no rain for 400 years.

How is the Wind Caused by the Sun?

Wind is also caused by thr Sun. As the air gets hotter, it expands, gets less dense and rises. A mass of colder, heavier air called a cold front rushes in to replace it, making the wind to blow.

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