Agriculture is one of the primary activity or occupation practiced by the people of the world. The raw materials obtained from agriculture is used for manufacturing finished products. More than 50% of the world’s population is engaged in agriculture.

What Is The Difference Between Simple Subsistence Agriculture and Intensive Subsistence Agriculture?

Simple subsistence agriculture is better know as shifting cultivation the farming is done on a self sufficient basis and the farmers grow food for themselves and their families. While on the other hand, in intensive subsistence agriculture, farming is done in both wet low lands and the terraced up lands and has to be very intensive to support a dense population.

Intensive Subsistence Agriculture
Intensive Subsistence Agriculture

What Type of Climatic Conditions and Soil Are Required for Paddy Cultivation?

Paddy can be grown on a wide range of soils, from the Podzolic alluvium of China to the impermeable clay of Central Thailand. It requires an annual rainfall of 45 inches. Paddy is best grown in the region of high light intensity and , thus, it is widely grown within the tropics and the warmer latitudes of the subtropics where the average temperature during the growing season is between 20 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius. The three essential plant nutrients required by the paddy plants are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium

Which Country Is The Largest Producer of Rice in The World?

The largest producer of rice in the world is China followed by India and Indonesia. Besides Asia, major rice producers are Brazil, Egypt and USA.

China-  The largest producer of rice in the world
China- The largest producer of rice in the world

What Type of Climatic Conditions and Soil Are Required for Wheat Cultivation?

The best suited soil for the cultivation of wheat is light clay or heavy loam, which is relatively stiff and gives the plant a firm support. The temperature required for the cultivation of wheat during its growing period has to be around 15.5 degrees Celsius. The weather should be warm and moist during the early stages of growth and sunny and dry in the later stages and during the harvest.

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